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Until a more definitive recommendation can be made by the FEB WEATHER COMMITTEE, I recommend that you determine the best course of action for your agency consistent with your operational requirements, physical location and the OPM HR flexibilities outlined below.

Below is information received from OPM that you may find useful.

  • If the Federal operating status should change next week as a result of Hurricane Sandy, announcements on the status of Government operations in the Washington, DC area (National Capital Area) will be available at http://www.opm.gov/status/index.aspx

  • NOTE: Keep in mind that the weather impact on the Baltimore area may be different than that in the National Capital Area (NCA).  We are not in the NCA.  The FEB will issue recommendations through the local media (see FEB website for this information).

Below is additional guidance on flexibilities available to agencies:

Richard Howell,
Executive Director
Baltimore Federal Executive Board
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Mr. Douglas Hemphill

This web site is designed to provide you with as much information as possible about the many programs, events, and initiatives in our Federal Executive Board area. All federal agencies and installations are considered “members” of the FEB.

To learn more about the FEB and Maryland area federal agencies, see our Vision, Values, and Mission Statement.

We look forward to your participation and input!

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